Russian cadets medical examinations

A Russian movie of 2006 about cadets’ training in the Alexander Military Academy not long before the October Revolution.

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Russian soldiers showers

A clip from Soviet movie about the life of soldiers in the Soviet Army made in 1990 that is full of homoerotic scenes and one of them is the group showering in the army baths.

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Russian sailors medical examinations

Screenshots of the physical examinations clip from the Russian documentary film of 1998 about the live of young sailors on the battleship.


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Real soldiers get naked

An adult movie made in 1994 in Russia: different soldiers stripping on camera, showing their erected cocks, being groped, pissing and masturbating until they cum.

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Russian soldiers in the water

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Russian bath

Very hot clip from the documentary movie about Russian public bath with real naked soldiers and cadets.

nude Russian soldiers washing in the sauna

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Soldiers showers documentary

Screenshots of the clip from the documentary film of 2003 about the life of the Russian soldiers during the military operations.

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Young sailors showering

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Naked schoolboys miliatary examinations

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